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For the moment Global Sun Engineering (GSE) sell test-units to institutions for tests within different areas. Recently was a test-unit delivered to Lund university for tests of the sun tracking system and temperature measurements on the solar cells. Interested in a test-unit to your institution or project, please contact Björn Eklöv, CEO.

On the European market GSE sells the product Matarenki Light through local distributors and partners. For the moment GSE use direct sales to companies within the Nordic countries. If you can’t locate any partner to GSE in your county, please contact Björn Eklöv.

GSE Partner Opportunities

GSE considers many different types of partnership opportunities worldwide from organizations who feel they have complementary services to offer. Partnering with others enable us to spread the word even further, and can create synergies that help both parties discover new and exciting opportunities.
GSE partnership opportunities consists of two types of programs;

1.       Strategic Business Partners

In order to grow and establish in the global market, GSE is looking forward to partner with companies that are in the same sphere of business and interested in introducing our products in their market. There are different ways we can work together;
·       Investment opportunities
·       Joint development of the product to meet the local requirements
·       Local production and marketing
·       Deployment

2.       Reseller Partners

GSE believes that growth is fuelled by strong partners and is committed to building long-term and mutually sustaining relationships with its partners.  GSE is looking at partners who can fuel the growth of our product in their local market and have a mutually beneficial relationship.

Interested in becoming a GSE partner, please contact Björn Eklöv for further information.

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